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June 29, 2009

The Home Depot Center in Carson, CaliforniaAmerica’s hardware store also supports America’s past time – sports.

The Home Depot has supported several sports organizations at different levels and even in different sports for almost three decades. From NASCAR to the American Football League to ESPN, Home Depot has been involved in sports since before I was born.

This dedication to helping athletes once again shows Home Depot’s passion for the working, middle-class American – the person who fixes their own leaky faucet, installs their own kitchen tiles and paints their own homes. Home Depot supports those who play sports because it’s an affordable hobby. Home Depot does it for the people who attend every single one of their son’s football games or their daughter’s track meets.

Galaxy defender Todd Dunivant scores at the Home Depot CenterThe Home Depot Center in California is an athletic campus that is designed for training and competition all on one site. Just today at the Home Depot Center the LA Galaxy professional soccer team beat the Houston Dynamo.


Home Depot jobs

June 25, 2009

When you google Home Depot the first site that pops up is obviously their homepage. Next is the store finder which makes sense. But I found it reassuring that the third page on the list is “Home Depot careers.”

This shows me that Home Depot cares about its employees and, especially in this economy, they are working hard to make jobs and careers available. Home Depot really cares about this country and its welfare.

Not only is Home Depot still offering careers when most companies are laying people off, but their benefits are amazing. They have all the standard health insurance, paid time off, 401K matching program, but they also offer great perks. Tuition reimbursement, relocation assistance, legal services plan and matching donation programs are just a few of the great benefits Home Depot offers.

As someone who plans on adopting, I also think it is fantastic that they have an adoption assistance plan that helps pay for adoption costs as well as gives the primary care giver paid time off like maternity leave. Home Depot was actually ranked in the top 10 adoption friendly companies by

Home Depot is one of the best places to work for so many reasons.

Father’s Day

June 22, 2009

In my household, Father’s Day is synonymous with sports, tools & a steak dinner.

On dad’s day he gets full control of the television remote, dinner at the restaurant of his choosing an, inevitably, a gift purchased at The Home Depot.

This year, my father got a lighted, laser beam level purchased, of course, at my favorite tool store – Home Depot. The big sell this year, however, at The Home Depot was the new Ryobi line.

Ryobi Tool SetRyobi makes high-tech gadgets for almost every household chore from cutting the grass to installing bathroom tile. These gadgets are not only cool, but they also make it easier to do-it-yourself.

Ryobi, who has a contract with Home Depot as their only supplier, is a very cool company overall. They support a line of green motor oil called G Oil by Green Earth Technology (GET) and are constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their machines. Ryobi even lobbied California Ryobi Lawn Mowerlegislature to INCREASE their restrictions on emissions!

So whether you got your dad one of these cool new Ryobi products (which I am kind of wishing I had) or you are thinking about your next hardware purchase, I recommend The Home Depot for the best selection and best prices on these cool new products.