Most little girls dream of growing up to be a dancer or veterinarian or even the first female president, but I dreamt of working for Home Depot. Strange for a little girl, I know, but I always loved going shopping for tile or paint with my dad, attending the Home Depot Kid’s Workshops and designing our bathroom remodel all by myself when I was 13.

I always new I wanted corporate life, to sit at a big desk and have my very own phone number and maybe a big window with a view, I just didn’t know exactly what I would do in that office.

Fast forward a decade and now I know. I am a junior public relations and speech communications double major at the University of Georgia and I want to work in the PR department at The Home Depot.

The move from Michigan to Georgia to attend college was not determined by the fact that the corporate headquarters of Home Depot is located in Atlanta, but it sure didn’t hurt. I love it here and I want to built my life here.

Home Depot is a successful company that shares its success with countless programs, charities and opportunities for growth in America. Home Depot was a home-grown company that grew and grew, yet still kept the same morals and values it began with. Home Depot prides itself on its customer service and do-it-yourself philosophy. Home Depot is synonymous with helpful, friendly service. Home Depot is where I want to make my mark on the world.


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