Father’s Day

In my household, Father’s Day is synonymous with sports, tools & a steak dinner.

On dad’s day he gets full control of the television remote, dinner at the restaurant of his choosing an, inevitably, a gift purchased at The Home Depot.

This year, my father got a lighted, laser beam level purchased, of course, at my favorite tool store – Home Depot. The big sell this year, however, at The Home Depot was the new Ryobi line.

Ryobi Tool SetRyobi makes high-tech gadgets for almost every household chore from cutting the grass to installing bathroom tile. These gadgets are not only cool, but they also make it easier to do-it-yourself.

Ryobi, who has a contract with Home Depot as their only supplier, is a very cool company overall. They support a line of green motor oil called G Oil by Green Earth Technology (GET) and are constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their machines. Ryobi even lobbied California Ryobi Lawn Mowerlegislature to INCREASE their restrictions on emissions!

So whether you got your dad one of these cool new Ryobi products (which I am kind of wishing I had) or you are thinking about your next hardware purchase, I recommend The Home Depot for the best selection and best prices on these cool new products.


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