Want to win a $3 million house?

You know the times are tough when people are raffling off their mansions. Frustrated that he couldn’t sell his $3 million Ft. Lauderdale home, Miles Brannan decided to sell 300,000 $10 raffle tickets and then give his home away instead.

He has only sold 15,000 tickets so go bid people!

Raffling off real estate is actually becoming popular – business to hand these up-scale raffles are even popping up including Raffle Mansion Charity Promotion which is currently working with a home in Norfolk, Va.

These raffles allow lots of people to pay a little for the chance to win a lot and lets the homeowner walk away with the full asking price (or close to it) without the hassle of having a home on the market.

Is this the future of luxury real estate? I invite you to comment on this new phenomenon.


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One Response to “Want to win a $3 million house?”

  1. penny Says:

    Wow! I’ll buy a couple of tickets! I’d love to own a house for a $10.00 investment. Actually that’s kind of a cool way to ditch your house nowadays! I think this trend began in the 70’s during their recession.

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