Hi everyone. My name is Courtney and I am obsessed with The Home Depot. Why you ask? Because they are a successful company and they share their success by donating to so many different causes. Because they are a home-grown business that started with the same morals and values they still have today. Because they pride themselves on their friendly helpful staff. Because I love their do-it-yourself attitude because I myself am an avid do-it-yourselfer.

I love everything the Home Depot stands for and it truly is my dream job to work for such a wonderful company. Every time I read the news I keep an eye out for articles about the Home Depot or something they have sponsored and I hope to share my insight on these pieces of this huge company everyday.


One Response to “Hello!”

  1. penny Says:

    Dear Courtney, I am a big fan of Home Depot as well! When I plan a little remodelling job, that is always my first stop! They are so helpful there. It sounds like you would be a great fit. I hope someday finds you climbing the Depot corporate ladder!!!

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